Document Management

Solutions  [ROI+ & ERE-Express]

ROI+ is the most up to date release of information (ROI) fulfillment

product available in a sea of “copy services”.The benefits of ROI+

include a much faster turn than legacy services with total HIPAA

compliance and security of PHI.  It allows for timely and accurate

monitoring of requests inprogress and requires payment before

the PHI is accessed, ensuring delivery and cash flow. ROI+ is

available as a service bureau model, where NBW places a

Librarian on site to ensure timely and correct delivery of

requests, or provides for the provider to allow access to an

employee who handles the requests and the provider gets to keep

the related fee-based income.



Disability processing is an area that has been fraught with issues

over the years. ERE–Express provides a direct connection to the

Social Security Administration and State Disability Determination

Services (DDS) for the transfer of records needed in vetting a

disability claim


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